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Twin Cities Solidarity Network (TC SolNet) is mutual defense group of workers and tenants. We deal with problems with landlords and bosses, and also help people organize and strengthen unions and tenant associations.  Affiliated with the Twin Cities Workers Defense Alliance.


  • Win cases with tenants and involve them in the solidarity network.
  • Sustain industrial presences and build combative syndicalism on shop floors, and involve workers in the solidarity network.
  • Build up neighborhood councils through tenant organizing.
  • Build up workers councils through labor organizing.
  • Avoid the service model trap that some solidarity networks fall into and make very clear to anyone seeking our help that we expect and require their participation, and strongly encourage them to show up for future cases.
  • Help the aggrieved worker or tenant map out a “pod” of people who support them and are in solidarity with them, starting with coworkers and neighbors.
  • Talk with the worker or tenant about organizing beyond their specific case, and pulling in their coworkers and co-tenants to their struggle.
  • Reach out to people we’ve helped for follow-up, inviting them to our meetings.
  • Use workers councils' power not only for bread and butter demands, but also for the demands of the broader class (such as rent control, affordable housing, and better schools) which could be informed by the needs and wishes of neighborhood councils.
  • Use neighborhood councils' organized power to mobilize in support of striking workers or other worker fights (such as with copwatchers, providers of food, and defense of the housing of workers).
  • Succeed at our core task of growing the self-organization, experience, and confidence of the working class.