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Bringing Radical Politics to Organized Labor, from It Could Happen Here, interviews the head of the Vermont AFL-CIO, David Van Deusen

The Green Bans, from Working Class History, goes into the radical Building Laborers Federation on New South Wales in the 1970s and their militant, democratic traditions that led them to into alliances with community members and environmental struggles in the famous "Green Bans".

Dancing in the Streets, from MPLS, interviews members of the Sex Worker Organizing Project in the Twin Cities

Unionizing the Nonprofit Sector, with MPLS, explores worker organizing in the nonprofit industrial complex in the Twin Cities.

Wage Theft and Exploitation in the Construction Industry, in English and Spanish, sees MPLS interview CTUL organizers around trafficking and abuse of workers in Twin Cities construction.

Defend Frontline Workers sees MPLS interview Cliff Wilmeng, union nurse and dissident former member of the MNA board, on the need to protect healthcare workers during the pandemic.

Anti-Work Parts 1 and 2 from It Could Happen Here give a look at the sea-change in attitudes towards grinding work schedules and hustle culture in American and Chinese workforces in 2021.

Back to Work? from IGD Cast explores the "unfilled job" of the late pandemic.

Building Power With the Autonomous Tenants Union, on IGDCast, interviews members and organizers of the bottom-up tenants movement across the US.

Gueros con Perros: Alliance of Hornig Tenants, from MPLS, talks about tenant organizing during the covid pandemic and the Uprising in the Twin Cities

Bulldozing Tents Part 1 and 2 from MPLS explores the city and nonprofit industrial complex's roles in suppressing the Sanctuary Movement

MPLS has two episodes on local rent control movements- How St Paul Won Rent Control, and Minneapolis United for Rent Control
1934: Mill City Revolt, by Twin Cities DSA member Kele Cable, is a great albeit unfinished overview of the historic 1934 Teamsters Strike in Minneapolis

The West Virginia Mine Wars, Part 1 and 2, explores the conflicts in the West Virginia coal fields including the famous Battle of Blair Mountain in 1921.

The Pawtucket Mill Strike tells the story of the first industrial strike in America, and how it was shaped by both the status of working women in the 1800s, and by an economic system built around slavery.

Neoliberalism parts 1, 2, 3, and 4 from It Could Happen Here give the history of how capitalism went from the post-WW2 compromise of labor peace and high unionization, to the modern system of vulture capitalism.

Corporate Sabotage, from It Could Happen Here, explains how the capitalist market economy demands inefficiency and destruction by companies in order to maintain profits.

The Revolutions podcast by Mike Duncan is an historic overview of the revolutions that brought down feudalism across Europe and the Americas from the English Revolution through the Russian Revolution of 1917, and of anti-colonial revolutions including the Bolivarian Revolution and the Haitian Revolution.

The Spanish Revolution series from Working Class History explores one of the most famous revolutionary efforts by anarchists to create a liberated society in which working class people exercise the power- and how it was defeated by fascism and authoritarianism from all sides.

The Portuguese Revolution, from Working Class History, explores how a collapsing empire and a decaying fascist state fell to anti-colonial struggles and a military mutiny, leading to a blossoming of worker power and democracy in Portugal- and hastening the end of fascism in Spain.

Anti-Racist Action in Minneapolis explores the 1990s antifascist movement that arose in part out of the Baldies in the Twin Cities, and that forms part of the background of the Workers Defense Alliance and its predecessor, the General Defense Committee.