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Picket Training

Nurses picketing at United Hospital in St Paul in 2016
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Are you and your coworkers planning to do some direct action, march, or demonstration? Are you preparing for a strike? Are you not quite sure how to do this?

Our picket training can help. Written from years of experience on pickets and in protests, we teach a comprehensive framework for planning successful mass actions. We start with identifying your strategic goals and how to make sure your tactics line up with them. We cover planning and promoting an action, and working in coalitions. We talk through all the different people who might interact with your picket- and the various roles that picketers themselves can take on! We get hands-on with mapping exercises, discussions, and role-playing, and even cover the finer points of getting home safe and after-action reflections.

The picket training is not only for picketing workers. It is a useful framework for all kinds of mass direct actions. In fact, much of the framework of the training comes from experience in protests against racism and police brutality.

The training lasts around 3 hours. We can give this training in any space, but a place that has a whiteboard or blackboard is preferred.

To ask us about providing the Picket Training, email the solidarity network at