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Defend Near North camp

Join others in your community defending Near North camp!

Wage Theft at J&M Concrete and Waterproofing

The construction committee of the Twin Cities Solidarity Network takes on a rat contractor over wage theft, illegal retaliation for discussing wages, and substandard safety practices. We are asking for your help in a phone zap.

February 18, 2020

Prompting quick action from an unresponsive rental management company


In 2019 a dozen people with the Twin Cities Solidarity Network joined in support of a tenant as we all together confronted the Rental Management Guys (no we have not changed any names to protect the guilty, that's what they call themselves) and won immediate fixes and changes for several tenants.

May 13, 2021

Workers Were Right to Block Military Occupation of Union Hall


The Twin Cities Solidarity Network states our support for the actions of union workers who defended the St Paul Regional Labor Federation building from occupation by the National Guard