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Defend Near North Camp from "Closure" Threats

For reasonable accommodations or alternative formats please contact  Minneapolis City of Lakes
Action end date

Public Pressure Campaign, Week of 3/15

City of Minneapolis, Elected Officials

Sample call script: I am contacting you today to support the demands of the Near North Camp and call on you to intervene and stop the destruction. The Near North Camp wants permanent homes that they can move to together. Stop CPED from threatening them with removal from city land. Stop the MPD and any other city agency or contracted company from displacing people.

Mayor's Office

Jacob Frey, Mayor of Minneapolis
@MayorFrey @Jacob_Frey

Peter Ebnet, Senior Policy Advisor

Gia Vitali, Chief of Staff

City Council

Jeremiah Ellison, Ward 5 City Council member
@MplsWard5 @Jeremiah4North

Dani Hans, Policy Aide

Look up your City Council member:

Minneapolis Office of Community Planning & Economic Development (CPED)

Sample call script: I am calling on you to cancel the closure threatened for this Thursday and stand down from any efforts to displace the Near North Camp. I support the demands of camp residents:

  • No forced removal or destruction.
  • All decisions about Near North camp happen with residents' consent.
  • No use of police or other public resources to displace people ever.
  • Land to move to together, on which to establish permanent homes, before leaving this camp.

Andrea Brennan, Housing Policy & Development Director and Interim Director of CPED

Erik Hansen, Economic Policy & Development Director

Katie Topinka, Housing Policy Coordinator

And the e-mail address printed on the flyer threatening destruction of the camp and all resident property on March 18, with the ironic message to please contact for "reasonable accommodations" (referring to ways of receiving th message, to which you can give your own creative answer):

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Call officials