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April 25, 2022

City Attacks Unhoused People's Encampment, Destroys Personal Property, in Pre-Dawn Raid


On 2022 April 19, on Tuesday starting at 5am the city of Minneapolis destroyed the homes and personal possessions of 20 residents of Minneapolis.

May 13, 2021

Workers Were Right to Block Military Occupation of Union Hall


The Twin Cities Solidarity Network states our support for the actions of union workers who defended the St Paul Regional Labor Federation building from occupation by the National Guard


Defend Near North Camp from "Closure" Threats


Public Pressure Campaign, Week of 3/15

February 25, 2021

Minneapolis Housing Policy Coordinator letter to city council on not closing encampment


Presented without comment for now, except that it took massive pressure to get the city to talk to residents.  "Yesterday, City leaders and outreach teams met with people staying at the encampment located near 2nd and Girard Avenues N.  The meeting was in response to a direct request from those living at the encampment. The residents of the encampment are actively working to find more permanent housing and they requested more time to complete this process. As a result of this conversation we will not close the encampment as planned this Friday."

February 24, 2021

Near North camp, a unique community of unhoused people, seeks a permanent home while battling Minneapolis' attempts to remove


Near North camp is an unhoused community which has developed near self sufficiency through mutual aid and community development. For months since its founding, it has defended itself against the City of Minneapolis' multifaceted removal campaign.

Tell the Minneapolis Office of Community Planning and Economic Development to leave Near North camp in peace


Minneapolis has used a tangle of state, county, and city agencies to deny responsibility for the housing crisis while exercising impressive coordination in brutal displacement of houseless people.  The latest on deck in this despicable game with deadly consequences is the Office of Community Planning and Economic Development— which definitely has the power and authority to solve houselessness, not push it aside, if we can undo its capture by rich real estate speculators.

Defend Near North camp

Join others in your community defending Near North camp!

February 10, 2021

Encampment in North Minneapolis threatened with destruction by the city on February 26th


This is a press release put out by Near North camp residents and supporters.

One week ago, a director within the Office of Community Planning and Economic Development, Erik Hansen, placed notices of demolition on the tents of structures of houseless residents living on formerly vacant land, ordering this community to leave their homes with nowhere suitable to go during dangerously cold temperatures. The current standing is the threat of eviction has moved to February 26th due to concern for police personnel to be participating during subzero degree weather.