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Near North camp, a unique community of unhoused people, seeks a permanent home while battling Minneapolis' attempts to remove

February 24, 2021
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Near North camp is an unhoused community which has developed near self sufficiency through mutual aid and community development. For months since its founding, it has defended itself against the City of Minneapolis' multifaceted removal campaign.

The state has used a multitude of strategies to try and this community, from declaring the first lot the community sat on as contaminated, demanding the camp adjust its position on the new lot to be a certain distance from a business and a propane tank (of a normal outdoor grill), and weaponizing weather safety concerns all the way to the psychological warfare of moving closing dates.

Near North asks for your help. This community has discovered the power of collective action and can not tolerate the attempts of the city government to separate the community through the isolating, disempowering shelter system. The only solution for Near North camp is permanent land and housing which allows them to preserve their community and expand their horizons to serving the entire unhoused population of the city. The community of the Near North camp needs a large plot of land with  both space for those who prefer to continue to live outside of buildings and housing enough or space to establish structures for those who do want to live indoors.

Please support Near North camp's destiny through financial, political, or material support.




  • Show up to Near North camp on Friday the 26th at 8:30am to practice eviction defense.
  • Signal text hello to 904-844-0976 for updates and to send information.
  • E-mail for updates and to send information.